Shoreline, by Dave Rigby

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Harry Vos, a retired man and part-time private investigator, is shocked to find the body of a man washed up on a deserted holiday beach on the Belgian coast.

Unable to get a signal on his phone, he hurries to a bar beyond the dunes, to phone the police. By the time he returns, he finds the body has disappeared and, once the police arrive, they conclude that he’s a time-waster.

Knowing that the police will not be investigating, Harry decides to pursue the case himself.

When he finds an amulet half-buried in the sand, it prompts him to start his enquiries. Working with Katerine, a specialist in amulets and his nephew Ryck, he tries to find out what has happened.

His investigations take him into the dangerous and threatening world of people-smuggling and to a series of confrontations with the smugglers.

Will Harry be able to find out the identity of the dead man….and will he survive to tell the tale?

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