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Haldred Chronicles: Shade, by JG Cully

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Many consider Shade to be the greatest assassin in history. And who better to hire if you need the Tornar ambassador dead? But Shade soon discovers that what looked like a lucrative job is not quite as simple as ‘kill one person’. A complex web of deception and misdirection makes even he reconsider the contract, as well as the possible motives behind it.

Victoria Haldred now has a small team working for her at the Council of Peace. Their first official job is to investigate a peace-shattering tip-off; someone is to assassinate the new Tornar ambassador on their first day of work!

Victoria and Shade find themselves caught up in power struggles, politics, deception, rival organisations and rival assassins. As they each pursue their own agendas, is the Tornar ambassador safe or are they destined to fall to an assassin’s blade?

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