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Nemesis, by David A Price

When psychopath Daniel Moxley makes his escape while being escorted to Broadmoor high security prison, he sets off on a trail of bloody revenge, leaving police forces throughout the north of England floundering in his wake. Moxley’s paranoia has him seemingly selecting victims at random. When Detective Inspector Vinnie Palmer is assigned to the case,…

Counterfeit!, by Elizabeth Ducie

Fake medicine kills. No-one is safe. Regulator Suzanne Jones’ mission to stop counterfeiting in Africa becomes personal when a colleague buys a bottle of fake cough syrup with tragic consequences. But her investigations bring danger ever closer. In Uganda a factory burns; Suzanne’s friend goes missing; and in Swaziland and Zambia, children die. Who is…

Surviving Edward, by Graha Bridgwater

Annabel Fleetwood, a bright and spirited undergraduate, is looking forward to expanding her horizons and fashioning an interesting future. But marriage to Edward Townsend wrecks her plans. Edward turns from an attentive boyfriend into an arrogant and controlling husband who quashes her self-confidence and curbs her independence. An unexpected legacy helps her to rediscover the…