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Boy Born With 2% Brain Function Dubbed ‘Medical Miracle’ As He Defies Odds To Start School

A boy who was born with 2% brain function has been called a “medical miracle” as he started school.  Noah Wall’s parents – Shelly and Rob Wall – were told by medics their son wouldn’t survive birth. But now the four-year-old’s brain has developed and grown to almost that of a typical four-year-old. “Noah is really…

Toddler With Large Facial Birthmark Perfectly Prepared For Kids’ Reactions On First Day Of Nursery

A two-year-old who has a facial birthmark had the best response when a group of kids started whispering when they saw her at pre-school. On Lydia’s first day at pre-school she had “fresh bruising” on her face due to treatment to keep the birthmark healthy. Lydia noticed some of her new classmates staring and whispering about…

Genetic Test Could Save Lives As It Allows Faster Meningitis Diagnosis

A new genetic test could help doctors rapidly diagnose meningitis and other killer bacterial infections and help save lives. Currently when a child arrives at a hospital medics have no fast way of identifying whether they are suffering from meningitis or a less serious viral condition with similar symptoms.  Gary Ombler via Getty Images Professor…