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Boy With Rare Condition Defies The Odds To Walk Again After Major Surgery

The heartwarming moment an eight-year-old took his first steps after major surgery has been caught on camera.  Giovanni Algarin, eight, from Pennsylvannia, US, suffers from genetic disorder Schwartz–Jampel syndrome (SJS) and recently had hip-reconstruction surgery.  His condition means he has a rare form of dwarfism, which causes his muscles to become tight and stiff. After hip surgery, Giovanni’s…


More Than 50% Of Parents With A Perinatal Mental Illness Contemplate Suicide

More than 50% of parents with a perinatal mental illness  contemplated taking their own lives while they were ill, a charity report has found. On top of this, 80% of the 1,047 parents who had experienced a mental illness during pregnancy or after birth surveyed by PANDAS Foundation (Pre And Postnatal Depression Advice and Support)  believe there is not enough…


Mum Describes Breakthrough As Son Is Diagnosed With ‘Hidden Vagina’ That Caused Years Of Health Problems

A mum has spoken of her relief when her son was diagnosed with a ‘hidden vagina’ after years of complicated health problems. Leanne Owens, 40, had spent eight years trying to get a diagnosis for her son, Harry Blunden, after he was born in 2008 with no anus, no urethra, three holes in his heart and extensive kidney…


School Replaces Detention With Meditation Classes For Kids And Teachers Were Fascinated With The Results

A school decided to replace detention with meditation classes and the results have been fascinating. Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore, US, has a ‘Mindful Moment Room’ where kids are taught about mindful meditation and breathing exercises. Since setting up the programme two years ago, the school has not issued a single suspension.  “It’s amazing,” Kirk…


Mums May Be ‘Forced’ To Name Child’s Biological Father In Paternity Cases With Proposed German Law

A proposed German law could require mums in paternity cases to name their child’s biological father. It means women who have been unfaithful during their relationship will be “forced” to reveal who they have slept with. The plan has already been dubbed the “Cuckoo Kids’ Law” by German newspapers, according to Telegraph. Heiko Maas, the…