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Nearly A Quarter Of Children With Mental Health Problems ‘Turned Away By Treatment Services’

Nearly one in four children and young people with mental health problems are being refused the treatments they need, according to a new report. Around 23% of children referred for mental health treatment by their GPs or teachers are turned away, due to difficulty recruiting staff and government funding not reaching frontline services, according to the…


Couple Home School Two Sons While Travelling Around The World: ‘We Consider Ourselves Peaceful Parents’

A couple shunned traditional school education for their children and instead opted for a life-time trip around the world.  Since they began their alternative lifestyle in February 2015, Paul, 39, and Caroline King, 35, have travelled to 26 countries with their two children, Winston, six and Henry, four,.  “This year has been amazing, we’ve seen so…


Alesha Dixon On Her Daughter’s Tantrums And How She Balances Motherhood With Her Career

Alesha Dixon’s daughter experiences tantrums just like any other toddler. The 37-year-old mum to Azura proved motherhood isn’t always easy as she discussed the ups and downs of having a (nearly) three-year-old. Asked if she has to deal with toddler tantrums, Dixon told The Huffington Post UK: “Oh yes, oh yeah she’s the queen of them!…


Why The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents Who Aren’t The Primary Caregiver Needs To Be Addressed

In 2016, there should be no shame about being a single parent who doesn’t have primary care of their child. According to single parent charity Gingerbread, there are around two million single parents in the UK. That accounts for a quarter of families with dependent children, which means there are many mums or dads who have children,…