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Alesha Dixon On Her Daughter’s Tantrums And How She Balances Motherhood With Her Career

Alesha Dixon’s daughter experiences tantrums just like any other toddler. The 37-year-old mum to Azura proved motherhood isn’t always easy as she discussed the ups and downs of having a (nearly) three-year-old. Asked if she has to deal with toddler tantrums, Dixon told The Huffington Post UK: “Oh yes, oh yeah she’s the queen of them!…

Why The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents Who Aren’t The Primary Caregiver Needs To Be Addressed

In 2016, there should be no shame about being a single parent who doesn’t have primary care of their child. According to single parent charity Gingerbread, there are around two million single parents in the UK. That accounts for a quarter of families with dependent children, which means there are many mums or dads who have children,…