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How Did She Do That? Women and Marketing Inside the Law Firm

One of the often-ignored venues for business development is the internal one, in your own law firm and with current clients. If cultivated properly, internal referral sources of business can be the low-hanging fruit of business development. Because the other members of your firm and current clients presumably know, like, and trust you, you are already ahead of the curve…

Protecting Firm and Client IP from Spear-Phishing Attacks

At Rouse, we provide clients with a full range of Intellectual Property (IP) services, from patent and trademark protection and management, to commercialization and global enforcement and anti-counterfeiting programs. Headquartered in the Untied Kingdom, the firm has 16 offices spread out among 13 countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and we employ more…

Supporters, Mentors, and Role Models

“To my mother In Spirit-Life, Whose Form Memory Cannot Trace; to the Women of Pennsylvania, and All Women who desire to be free; and also, All the men, possessed of sufficient noble manhood to bear equality, I dedicate my first effort in Court.” —Carrie S. Burnham Kilgore, Philadelphia, April 4, 1873. “The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not…