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10 Things Every Litigant Should Know About Litigation Finance

In recent years, litigation financing has seen an increasing popularity for entities ranging from small startups to multinational firms. Most people know litigation financing as the process in which a third-party company provides advanced capital to cover litigation costs in exchange for a return on any judgment or settlement. But litigation financing can also be…

Google Voice Review

After five-plus years without any changes to its interface, Google Voice  has received some updates – not all of them good. One of the changes that long-time Google Voice users will appreciate, is the ability to send and receive MMS photo messages; video attachments are not supported. You can now also send group chats via…

Execution Plus: Selling Why Your Solution is The Solution

Today, it is the execution of legal-service delivery that allows attorneys to differentiate themselves. The announcement of the LexHacks winners in Chicago illustrated this. Each team that won a challenge was recognized as having achieved superior execution for its solution to improve the delivery of legal services. Development Over forty participants, sponsors, and organizers gathered…