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All the Places I’ve Ever Been, by Colette Coen

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In 1985 Meg’s life is at a crossroads – attacked while fly posting for the Glasgow Apollo Concert Hall she seeks an alternative future, away from high unemployment and bad housing, on the tour bus of MindSet, an INXS-type rock band.

Each chapter takes Meg to a different city, but as her world expands she avoids connecting with people by hiding behind a camera. With an absent father and an ex-addict mother, she initially luxuriates in the security the band offers. But when she is pushed into a swimming pool by guitarist Zed and saved by drummer Kyle, past wounds are re-opened that will reverberate to the end.

Left on her own in San Francisco Meg explores the city and through her relationship with gallery owner Cerise she begins to reinvent herself and starts to trust others.

When the tour re-starts Kyle is newly single and attracted to Meg but their relationship is complicated by his ex-girlfriend and secrets that neither want to share.

The story combines the pop culture nostalgia of Nick Hornby with the hard edge of AM Homes.

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