Win £20,000 and publication in The Daily Mail First Novel Competition

  An unpublished novelist will win a £20,000 advance, publication with Penguin Random House and representation by literary agent Luigi Bonomi The Daily Mail First Novel Competition is free to enter. Entries may be in any genre for adult readers. Luigi Bonomi (pictured) advises writers to pay particular attention to the beginning of their book….

Creative writing submissions: Shame the Divil

The Bogman’s Cannon invites short-form work on the theme of ‘dare’ for its new e-magazine The Bogman’s Cannon is a pioneering Irish alt-culture hub and grassroots production network. It likes outspoken, innovative, experimental work in all genres.Submissions for Shame the Divil may be flash fiction and memoir, anecdote, aphorism, mini-rant, performance text, short audio or…

Dad’s Genius Parenting Hack Keeps Shampoo Out Of Daughter’s Eyes When Washing Her Hair

A dad has found the perfect way for parents to wash their kids’ hair without getting shampoo in their eyes. Twitter user ‘Lippy Lickshot’ said his toddler “screamed the house down” last time he made the error of letting shampoo drip down her face. So he came up with an ideal (and cost-free) solution: Goggles.  “Not again…